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we grow and process botanicals that serve as key ingredients in
our handcrafted, plant-based personal care and wellness products

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here at vauxhall gardens we think that fresh plant chemistry make more effective topicals 

learn more about our home-grown botanicals below, or click here to learn about our other all-natural ingredients.


Chamomile, Skincare Botanicals

since 2008, we have commercially produced chamomile for topical preparations. our trials and research have led us to a unique polish cultivar called 'zloty lan': larger plants, larger flowers and higher essential oil content means significant calming and anti-inflammatory potency directly to the skin  Learn More

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Calendula, Skincare Botanicals

initially, we started our calendula genetics with the 'calypso orange' medicinal cultivar and now, over a decade later, our calendula is true vauxhall landrace genetics! observant and proactive horticultural management is ultimately what provides our calendula topicals, and your skin, with deep healing and rejuvenation capabilities Learn More

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'attar of rose' geranium

Rose Geranium, Skincare Botanicals

the 'attar of rose' geranium is of great importance for topical preparations as it is the great equalizer for any skin condition. it is not the flower that we are after rather the soft, hairy leaves and stems which so perfectly capture the rich resin that this plant produces. to be sure, 'attar of rose' geranium provides even the most out-of-whack skin (and subsequent angst) a blissful shortcut to mind/body/soul balance Learn More

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Comfrey, Skincare Botanicals

comfrey has deeply veined leaves that appear, with vigour, in early spring followed by delightful purple flowers that wreath the entire plant in beauty. it's the roots we're after with this plant however and they are dug in the fall. our bocking 14 comfrey topicals provide immediate and long-lasting relief to chronic physiological aches and pains Learn More

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with this highly politicized plant, we treat it with the same respect and wonder we assume with every botanical that we grow. starting with 'treaty' cbd genetics, we endeavour to capture full-spectrum cbd extracts for use in our useful and effective topical products  Learn More

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damask rose

Damask Rose, Skincare Ingredients

damask rose presents to the skin more compounds for revitalization and renewal than any other plant on earth. for a blissful month starting in june, our damask roses bloom with abandon and are nimbly harvested and processed using age-old techniques to capture this rare, super-charged essence Learn More

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interest in growing helichrysum first began with the extensive research done on this plant that demonstrates its legendary ability to stimulate cell regeneration and reduce free-radical damage (aka an anti-ageing superstar). today, our vibrant helichrysum extracts positively excel in the perfect delivery of powerful phytonutrients necessary to halt and, may we go so far as to claim, reverse damage Learn More

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