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                                                                               we grow and process botanicals that serve as key ingredients in                                                                                   our handcrafted, plant-based personal care and wellness products

high quality. home-grown.

the botanicals grown here at vauxhall gardens are chosen for their highly active properties and we strive to capture the botanical’s potent chemistry

learn more about our home-grown botanicals below, or click here to learn about our other all-natural ingredients.


Chamomile, Skincare Botanicals

since 2008, we have commercially produced chamomile for topical preparations. our trials and research have led us to a unique polish cultivar called 'zloty lan': larger plants, larger flowers and higher essential oil content are the main reasons we cultivate this variety exclusively.  Learn More

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Calendula, Skincare Botanicals

We are committed to growing the Calendula officinalis c.v. Calypso Orange, as it contains the highest active properties of any known Calendula. Calendula it is perfect for dry, damaged or aging skin. Learn More

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'attar of rose' geranium

Rose Geranium, Skincare Botanicals

This botanical will balance the skin and bring vitality to sluggish and oily complexions. Vauxhall Gardens grows the finest of all Rose Geranium cultivars, Attar of Roses. Learn More

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Comfrey, Skincare Botanicals

We cultivate the Bocking 14 variety of Comfrey, because it contains the highest allantoin content known. Allantoin is a natural cell rejuvenator that speeds healing and reduces inflammation. Learn More

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Gentle and healing on the skin and with high antiseptic qualities, Lavender is an age-old secret for clear and fresh looking skin. At Vauxhall Gardens, we cultivate Super Lavender exclusively. Learn More

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damask rose

Damask Rose, Skincare Ingredients

Vauxhall Gardens is committed to growing only the most fragrant flowers with the highest oil content. We therefore only grow select varieties of the Damask Rose. Learn More

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Helichrysum Stimulates cell regeneration and reduces free-radical damage, which prevents premature aging of the skin and provides phenomenal toning qualities. Learn More

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