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our approach

key elements in producing true artisanal, made-in-grimsby products

from our farm to your face

if it’s in our jars, it’s loaded with ingredients grown right here on our farm.  our single-estate botanicals are the star of the show:  our research, our growing practices, our knowledge in harvesting/post-harvest handling and the delicate extraction process, the use of our extracts in formulating, the packaging of our products ... it's all done within 50 steps of our fields!

About Vauxhall Gardens

beautiful skin from the outside in

we have selected the most efficacious natural ingredients possible to improve and maintain the health of your skin
when you choose vauxhall gardens topicals, you are choosing to truly nourish your body with ingredients that are
brimming with straight-from-the-farm vitality

Our Ingredients

a modern process rooted in history

our extraction process combines the wisdom of times past with the latest technology 
we retain plant chemistry through gentle yet thorough extraction processes so our botanical signatures are truly effective

Our Home-Grown Botanicals

a luxurious skin care experience

it is the quality of our ingredients and our small footprint that bring our customers back time and time again 
the character of our natural formulations is like no other and makes for a gratifying experience

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