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Vauxhall Grown: Comfrey

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Vauxhall Grown: Comfrey

Vauxhall Gardens cultivates the Bocking 14 variety of Comfrey exclusively, because it contains the highest allantoin content known. Allantoin is a natural cell rejuvenator that speeds healing and will reduce any sort of inflammation.

What is Comfrey?

Comfrey is a genus of flowering plants in the borage family, Boraginaceae. Some species and hybrids of comfrey, particularly S. officinale and S. × uplandicum, are commonly used in skincare and herbal medicine.

Comfrey & Skincare

Allantoin is the primary skin-friendly agent in comfrey. It accelerates skin healing, aids in wound regeneration, and possesses anti-inflammatory qualities. We use it liberally in our cosmetic preparations, especially those for sensitive skin. 

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