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warming comfrey oil

feel better naturally! our niagara grown comfrey infused in sweet virgin almond oil
blended with ginger, helichrysum and vetiver will work to sooth your aching joints and heal minor skin irritations

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size: 118 ml
62% vauxhall ingredients

the word ‘comfrey’ means “to grow together” which is highly appropriate for a plant used to heal wounds. topical preparations of this plant have been used for centuries to heal skin ulcers, bruises, joint inflammation and to help fractures heal more quickly. here at vauxhall, we grow the most medicinally active comfrey, the bocking 14 cultivar, and we use both the roots and aerial parts for our extracts. We have sold thousands of jars of our comforting comfrey cream which is a cooling topical and have formulated this oil for those who want just the straight-up oil with some warming qualities.

warming comfrey oil ingredients

vauxhall grown comfrey infused in sweet virgin almond oil, ginger, helichrysum, vetiver

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