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calendula-cranberry facial oil

our vauxhall-grown calendula takes center-stage
with an impressive list supporting characters that work to dramatically
improve your skin's appearance and restore your youthful glow

about this product

size: 50 mL
29.5 % vauxhall-grown ingredients

boost plumpness and accelerate repair? our calendula-cranberry facial oil is simple, effective and will dramatically improve the skin’s appearance. every time you cleanse your skin and follow-up with an application of our 100% pure plant-based hydration, you are instantly rewarded with a dewy, visible all-over glow. 

calendula-cranberry facial oil ingredients

vauxhall-grown calendula infused in hazelnut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sesame seed oil, cranberry seed oil, argan oil, carrot oil, rosehip oil, borage oil, vitamin e, essential oil - a highly nourishing proprietary blend.

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