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warming comfrey oil

feel better naturally with our vauxhall-grown comfrey oil
blended with ginger, helichrysum and vetiver ... it quickly works to
soothe your aching joints and heal minor skin irritations like no other

about this product

size: 118 ml
62% vauxhall-grown ingredients

the word ‘comfrey’ means “to grow together” which is highly appropriate for a plant used for centuries in topical preparations to heal skin ulcers, bruises, joint inflammation and to help fractures heal more quickly. demand for just vauxhall comfrey oil, with our signature essential oil blend for additional warming and therapy, stays strong as more and more people turn to simple, genuine remedies that actually provide relief. use directly on the skin or add a capful to a warm bath for all-over feel goodness.



comfrey oil ingredients

vauxhall-grown bocking 14 comfrey infused in sweet virgin almond oil, ginger, helichrysum, vetiver

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