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Olive Leaf Soap

Olive leaves contain many of the same compounds as the olives which we all know provide countless benefits for our bodies, so we took this wonderful leaf and added a few more nourishing ingredients to make this all-natural soap extra special!

About This Product

Size: 150 g

The sparkling, bubbly lather of this olive leaf soap will clean and refresh you, while the high Unrefined Canadian grown Hemp oil will ensure that your skin hydrated and soft. 

Olive Leaf Soap Ingredients

Olive leaf infusion, Coconut oil, RSPO sustainable Palm oil, Lye, Grapeseed oil, Unrefined Canadian grown Hemp oil, Vauxhall grown Chamomile infused in Sweet Virgin Almond oil, Eucalyptus EO, Lemongrass EO.

More About These Ingredients


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