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activated charcoal soap

activated charcoal is known for its ability to 'draw out' impurities from the skin while comfrey is nature's great healer. combining the two makes for a great daily soap to keep the skin and body looking and feeling great!

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size: 150 g

activated charcoal is an amazing natural ingredient that will gently draw toxins from the skin and leave every pore refreshed. this soap is both a beneficial facial soap that will gently clean the facial skin effectively but also a great all-over soap with an amazing fragrance that will uplift and energize

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activated charcoal soap ingredients

activated charcoal infusion, coconut oil, RSPO sustainable palm oil, lye, grapeseed oil, unrefined canadian-grown hemp oil, vauxhall-grown comfrey infused in sweet virgin almond oil, star anise eo, peppermint eo, lavender eo

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