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cbd soap with turmeric

vauxhall gardens produces full spectrum cbd topical products like no other
our beautiful, natural cbd-infused soap will elevate your cleansing routine
and leave your whole being elevated from troublesome, earthly things

about this product

size: 150g

20% vauxhall-grown ingredients

calm and well-being will be felt head-to-toe as the rich, exploding lather expertly applies a silky layer of cbd over the entire body which envelopes your physical being in the most comforting embrace. cbd is the first ingredient which provides unparalleled clarification and revival of the skin.


cbd soap with tumeric ingredients

vauxhall-grown full spectrum cbd infused virgin olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, rspo sustainable palm oil, lye, turmeric, spearmint and patchouli essential oil.

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