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rose festival bundle of decadence

our topical preparations are deeply enriched with our vauxhall-grown extracts
this is why these products work and provide legendary results

about this bundle

nothing will revitalize the skin and improve elasticity like damask rose 
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for three glorious weeks in june, our damask roses dominate the garden and every sense is dazzled with the intoxicating beauty and scent permeating the air. if damask roses have the highest vibrational frequency of any plant on earth, then the good vibes are postiviely radiating during this time and this is when we harvest, capture and retain this magnificent plant chemistry. the following products showcase our potent extracts and allows you to experience a true, natural skin glow-up that is effortless, simple and sustainable.

products this bundle contains

josephine damask rose night cream

the body at rest is the perfect time to indulge in a rich, hydrating night cream the will work while you sleep.   More About This Product

josephine damask rose serum

if the whole point of a serum is to deeply nourish clean skin then commit to a formulation that will deliver the highly desirable damask rose phytonutrients. applying a light, quickly absorbed serum to freshly washed skin before moisturizing allows the concentrated extracts to replenish and revitalize parched, tired skin.   More About This Product

damask rose hand and body cream

envelope your entire body with this delightful shea-based body lotion featuring our vauxhall-grown damask rose. lightweight yet superb in its ability to keep the skin looking its best with a light, fresh, straight-from-the-field rose scent.  More About This Product

josephine rose geranium hand cream

the rich history of rose geranium and its profound benefits to the skin is amply showcased here in this thick, buttery hand cream. our simple yet thoroughly decadent formula will have you touting this legendary botanical as a modern-day miracle. More About This Product     

damask rose hydrosol

our damask roses are grown and then distilled less than 50' away. the exceptional quality of our damask roses is just the beginning as our streamlined processing allows for nothing but the pure beauty of #ontariogrown goodness to shine through. the fine-mist applicator makes our damask rose hydrosol a perfect toner on freshly washed skin, an easy way to keep your look refreshed throughout the day and as an absolutely foolproof, ethereal pick-me-up to get you through the day with grace.   More About This Product

key ingredients

vauxhall-grown damask roses

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