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damask rose serum

damask roses are a legendary skin care ingredient
(it is the plant-world's greatest gift to skin-health)
a serum is a pure, daily multi-vitamin you bestow to your skin
(for an advantage over environmental damage and aging)

about this product

size: 60 mL
73 % vauxhall-grown ingredients

vauxhall-grown damask roses will provide the skin with an opulence unrivalled in the plant-world. damask rose phytonutrients are complex, abundant and highly beneficial to the skin and our super-concentrated serum will repair, hydrate and impart the famous damask rose radiant luminosity to the acolyte. light, quickly absorbed, 100% plant-based - this is your shortcut to a healthy glow.


damask rose serum ingredients

vauxhall-grown damask roses distilled as a hydrosol, aloe juice, vauxhall-grown damask roses extracted as a glycerite, vauxhall-grown damask roses infused in sweet virgin almond oil, guar gum, vitamin e, grapefruit seed extract, liquid germall plus.

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