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rose geranium-shea hand cream

a triple dose of vauxhall-grown 'attar of rose' geranium deeply restores and nurtures
while shea butter provides a natural protective glove that is
non-greasy yet long-lasting in its hydration and protection
soothing and balancing, this cream will
restore the youthful appearance of the hands

about this product

size: 118 ml
62% vauxhall-grown ingredients

our famous cream formulation starring vauxhall-grown 'attar of rose' geranium for active plant-chemistry that is known for promoting healthy and radiant skin. light and non-greasy, each application will provide immediate gratification from irritated skin and continuous relief from harsh external factors. nothing balances like 'attar of rose' geranium and this topical cream is highly recommended for those seeking an invigorating boost to skin hydration.


rose geranium-shea hand cream ingredients

vauxhall-grown and distilled ‘attar of rose’ geranium hydrosol, aloe juice, vauxhall grown ’attar of rose’ geranium infused in sweet virgin usa almond oil, shea butter from ghana, ewax, vauxhall-grown ’attar of rose’ geranium infused in vegetable glycerin, liquid germall plus, essential oils including lavender, atlas cedar, geranium, petitgrain, vitamin e, grapefruit seed extract

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