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ultimate botanicals healing pack

our topical preparations are deeply enriched with our vauxhall-grown extracts
this is why these products work and provide legendary relief

about this bundle

deep-down relief and healing
number of products:  5
you save:  $5

a wholistic approach to aches and pains that delivers relief and improves overall well-being

products this bundle contains

cbd bath fizz with tumeric

soaking in a bath is the ultimate, all-over pain-relief therapy that you can bestow to your body.  our highly proficient methodology allows us to integrate 12g of deeply infused vauxhall-grown cbd oil in each 600g bag so even adding a little makes warm water a complete therapeutic delight  More About This Product

421 full-spectrum cbd topical relief

the result of sticking with a narrative for what a true healing topical should be all about.  not only did we jam-pack the formulation with as much cbd extract as we could, we also added some glorious ontario-grown hemp oil to leave your skin feeling great all-over  More About This Product

comfrey cream

this is, by far, is our number one selling product.  what's not to love about comfrey?  it's as highly recommended today as it was in the 13th century because from the second it is applied to the skin you can detect improvement  More About This Product

cbd soap with tumeric

there is so much to love about our premium cbd natural soap but it is the ingredients make it the best medicine you've ever experienced.  amazing content of full-spectrum/vauxhall-grown cbd oil delivered in a rich, decadent lather will leaving you refreshed, calm and feeling great  More About This Product     

red tiger balm with cbd

it would probably be easier to name the things that tiger balm doesn't do.  yes, ours is made with vauxhall-grown calendula and cbd but it is the high-content of camphor that gets the blood flowing in trouble spots bringing fast, much-needed relief  More About This Product


Key Ingredients

comfrey, cbd, camphor

More About These Ingredients




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