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the dirty truth about clean skin

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the dirty truth about clean skin

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the very first product that i learned how to make was cold-process soap. it was right here, at step one of my cosmetic-science journey, that i discovered there is no better way to cleanse, balance and restore the skin's optimal functioning despite what a billion dollar industry will have you believe. factually, the beautiful chemical reaction of plant-based butters/oils (fats) and an alkali solution (lye) is called saponification and it is what creates refreshing, frothy, luxurious bubbles which perfectly deliver a silky-soft residue of skin-preserving oils. saponification, this simple and pure chemical reaction, is the gold-standard for gently removing impurities from the skin without causing disruption while thoroughly supporting natural skin texture. make no mistake about it, removing the onslaught of grime, environmental nasties and self-inflicted torture that our delicate living/breathing skin is subjected to every day will immediately and favourably respond to the fresh, legitimate, exploding lather of pure natural soap.

somewhere along the line, products with inferior ingredients requiring sulphates and other horrible-for-the-skin surfactants necessary to cheaply and crudely imitate 'true' natural soap, elbowed the 'good stuff' out of the way with their bright shiny packaging and pervasive madison avenue spin. sadly, these products will always fall short because they can only shoddily mimic the gorgeous lather which results from saponification: the cheerless wake of these sad, anemic bubbles is contaminated with overpowering fragrances which cause skin irritations/respiratory distress/hormone distruption and is entirely tainted by a carbon footprint that screams 'enough already!'.

are you ready to part with products that no longer serve you? are you looking for a cleansing option that is effortless, simple and sustainable? you are not alone. in 2021, the hashtag #skinimalism is trending and its bringing reality back to skincare. the never-ending noise from big beauty is exhausting and consumers are fed-up with the misinformation/virtue-signaling being transmitted. a massive clean-beauty movement is underway as unprecedented consumer-demand for a few basic products that embrace natural skin snowballs. plant-based, cold-process soap eliminates a slew of these non-serving products and best of all? it will elevate your cleansing routine to a whole new level.   


the first step in a natural skincare routine is to embrace you. yes, YOU! opting out of unrealistic beauty standards is the first step in achieving naturally clean skin. once you step outside the fray of over-packaged/synthetic ingredients/footprint heavy/multi-prong routines you will be shocked to discover that one 100% plant-based bar of gorgeous natural soap will minimize your shelf-space/investment yet maximize the results. natural soap introduces your skin to rich, luxurious ingredients that are highly beneficial to the derma in a way that no other product can replicate. feel how gorgeous it is to lightly massage and caress the rich exploding lather into every pore of your body knowing how happy your skin is going to be as a result of this simple yet lavish ritual.

creating a range of classic cold-process soaps has been a joy and we have hit-upon on some pretty phenomenal formulations which has, in turn, spawned a loyal demand for our high-quality bars.  commercial production of our soaps has undergone many changes over the years as interest has grown and we now have the custom-built molds/equipment to produce a 50 pound batch of perfect soap every time. maybe one day we will be able to provide a soap-factory experience for those who visit our still-in-the-works-who-knows-when-it-will-be-finished farmstore and guests will be able to see first-hand our commitment to high-quality/plant-based/home-grown ingredients and our passion for uncomplicated yet glorious chemistry.

coming soon!! the pandemic has placed some interesting ingredients on our shelves and the wheels have been turning. this summer, our previous limited-edition black&tan soap (which we could not keep in stock) using gorgeous guinness beer (which produces the creamiest, skin-loving lather) combined with the essential oils of coffee and cocoa (that's mocha, right?) along with our favourite tried-and-true plant-based butters and oils is going to make a reappearance! oh! this is going to be amazing!  


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