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six months of hair care bundle

clean, healthy hair with smart, sexy products  

about this bundle

hair type:  effective for literally every hair type you can think of
number of products:  6
you save:  10%

small footprint products will streamline your hair care routine and allow your natural hair to shine.  this bundle includes a full-size nettle hair treatment, 4 calendula shampoo bars and a full-size geranium-aloe hair conditioner.  

products in this bundle

nettle hair treatment

nettle has micronutrients that very few botanicals have and it delivers amazing nourishment to the scalp and hair.  if your scalp is persistently itchy or if you are losing hair, apply the nettle hair treatment directly to your scalp and massage in:  many customers with scalp issues swear by the apply-at-night/wash-out-in-the-morning routine.  personally, don't have scalp issues but i do wear my hair long and apply the nettle hair treatment very sparingly on my hair-ends on the days i don't wash my hair.  my hair takes a lot of abuse but this one little bit of attention keeps it hydrated, super healthy looking and manageable.    More About This Product

calendula shampoo bar

to make a fabulous shampoo bar, the ingredients are key.  hemp, avocado, macadamia are just a few of the oils that makes this bar ultra-luxurious and provides decadent lather that puts yucky liquid shampoo to shame.  trust me, i was slow to the shampoo bar party but once i saw how amazing my devoted shampoo bar customers hair looked, i took the leap and have never, ever - not once- looked back.  and here's a little vauxhall insider information ... the shampoo bar is smaller than our other soaps because it is the most expensive to make.  that information was all it took for me to use this as my exclusive face and body bar.  More About This Product

geranium-aloe hair conditioner

you might be looking at this one lonely bottle in this six-months-of-hair-care bundle and think that there has been some oversight.  nope, no mistake.  what you discover about natural hair care is that when you take out all of the garbage and instead pack it with genuine, hair-loving ingredients well, it puts you back in the driver seat on the road back to fabulous looking hair.  back in the olden days, i would use a big handful of conditioner to get some semblance of desirability with the results.  today, with this super-concentrated formulation, a small little dab is all you need to give your hair the manageability and life that silicone, surfactants and cheap ingredients have sucked out of it. More About This Product

key ingredients

nettle, calendula, rose geranium

More About These Ingredients




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