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crowning glory geranium-aloe hair conditioner

our objective was to formulate a hair conditioner that was 100% natural
yet fully delivered hydration, strength and manageability to every strand.
our secret weapon is vauxhall-grown geranium that immediately balances the scalp
and instantly tames the follicle with a smooth, lightweight finish.

about this product

size: 237 ml
61% vauxhall-grown ingredients

freshly washed hair deserves a hair conditioner that replaces lost oils, repairs damage, provides moisture, promotes detangling and lightly coats the hair’s outer layer. our crowning glory geranium-aloe hair conditioner delivers a 100% natural formulation that disciplines hair fiber and instantly tames unruly hair adding a smooth, lightweight finish to strands. safe on colour-treated hair allowing your salon-colour to thrive without sacrificing the health of your hair.

instructions for use:
apply on freshly-washed hair as you would a traditional hair conditioner with the following caveat: this is a super-concentrated formulation so only a small amount is required for fabulous results.


crowning glory geranium-aloe hair conditioner ingredients

vauxhall-grown 'attar of rose' geranium distilled hydrosol, aloe juice, btms, vauxhall-grown 'attar of rose' geranium infused glycerite, silk pro plus, meadowfoam oil, optiphen plus, avocado oil, alkyl esters, dl panthenol, proprietary essential oil blend, aloe vera 200x 

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