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time for extravagant skin and hair with a footprint that is decadently lowkey

about this bundle

for all skin/hair types
number of products:  4
you save:  $3+

the vauxhall basics that will cover all the bases ... naturally

products this bundle contains

calendula~helichrysum eye cream

calendula repairs and helichrysum is the most potent anti-aging botanical - when combined with opulent hazelnut and carrot oil you are rewarded with a weightless yet nutrient-dense cream More About This Product

calendula shampoo bar

the most decadent bar we make will keep your crowning glory clean and healthy with a feel-good footprint More About This Product

nettle hair treatment

nettle is renowned for its positive effects on the hair and scalp.  use as a treatment or use as a leave-in - this is a very versatile hair product that will keep your hair shiny and flourishing More About This Product

calendula lip balm

four simple ingredients will keep your lips hydrated and protected for whatever life throws at you More About This Product

Key Ingredients

calendula, helichrysum, nettle 

More About These Ingredients




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