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Crowning Glory Nettle Hair Treatment - Small

Our own Vauxhall Gardens nettle grown in the Niagara Region is infused in a blend of natural oils will leave your hair super shiny and hydrated.

About This Product

Size: 30 mL | 118 ml
63% Vauxhall Ingredients

Nettle is nature’s botanical gift for renewed health to both the hair and scalp. Nettle imparts vital micronutrients to your scalp for incomparable healing and will leave your hair super shiny and hydrated. Isn’t it time to restore your crowning glory to its glorious potential.

Instructions for use:
This is a deep conditioning treatment that you put into dry hair and directly on the scalp. Leave treatment in for a few minutes or hours, then wash out.

Crowning Glory Nettle Hair Treatment Ingredients

Vauxhall grown Nettle infused in Virgin Olive oil, Camellia Seed oil, Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Essential oil - Rosemary.

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