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crowning glory nettle hair treatment - small

nettle contains many micro-nutrients that are extremely beneficial
to the hair and scalp providing improved volume and a healthy lustre.
shiny, fuller, healthier looking hair ... naturally

about this product

size: 30 mL | 118 ml
63% vauxhall-grown ingredients

nettle is nature’s botanical gift for renewed health to both the hair and scalp. nettle imparts vital micronutrients to your scalp for incomparable healing/repair and will leave your hair super shiny and hydrated. isn’t it time to restore your crowning glory to its glorious potential?

instructions for use:
there is no set way to prepare your facial clay. please see our suggestions and remarks about using facial clays here:

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crowning glory nettle hair treatment ingredients

vauxhall-grown nettle infused in virgin olive oil, camellia seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, essential oil - rosemary

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