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small farma

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the ancient narrative surrounding comfrey and its ability to heal is legendary. when we set out to grow botanicals to be used in topical preparations, the possibilities were narrowed down to less than a dozen plant species: with such a small list, each contender would have to be the best of the best. comfrey was one of the first to be locked in and i am grateful to note that if we were to sell only one product, it would be one containing comfrey because, no surprise, it has become our best selling botanical. 

generations have enjoyed the powerful healing attributes of comfrey and recipients were grateful for the quick healing it provided. sprains, broken bones, bruises and chronic physiological complaints like arthritis and repetitive strain injury - comfrey could be trusted to heal it lickity-split. comfrey, ancient medicine practitioners noticed, also worked extremely well to heal cuts and abrasions to the skin. so effective was comfrey at healing the skin that it was/is recommended that the cut or scraped skin be allowed to heal 'from within' as the comfrey will heal the outside surface of the skin before it heals underneath which is not ideal. 

present-day, phytomedicine has become more scientific and the active component of comfrey, allantoin, has been identified. allantoin is now a very common ingredient in high-end skin care as it is this magical characteristic that is responsible for the powerful healing attribute of comfrey. isn't it amazing that centuries of common use and observation led to absolute verification by 'modern science'? 

comfrey thrives in our clay mix soil on the biosphere reserve. much information online indicates that the leaves can be used in making topical preparations but that is not what we have discovered. it is the dark, fleshy, tenacious roots that produce the type of extract that gets results. so effective is the comfrey extracts that we produce that users often comment on how quick the relief is felt upon application.

we have written quite extensively about comfrey but we are trying to mini-blog about each of our products as we post about them on instagram. our comfrey infused sweet almond oil is the foundation for our comfrey cream and it has become popular for those wanting a full-strength, unblended option for use directly on an afflicted area or as a sweet overall treat to the body in the bath. please enjoy the product shots which show spring views of our native trees that dot the property in their full glory.   

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