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chamomile infused sweet virgin almond oil

the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile make this oil perfect for people
with redness, itchy skin, rashes or troublesome issues like eczema.
our vauxhall-grown chamomile infused in sweet virgin almond oil
is a potent way to soothe your skin naturally.

about this product

size: 118 mL | 237 ml
100% vauxhall-grown ingredients

growing, harvesting and drying vauxhall chamomile and then infusing in sweet virgin almond oil ensures that 100% plant-chemistry is retained. there is nothing more calming to the skin than chamomile and it will quickly yet gently pacify any aggravations of the skin. pour some into your bath for head-to-toe relaxation or right out of the shower as an all-over natural body moisturizer. chamomile infused oil also makes an excellent massage medium.


chamomile infused sweet virgin almond oil ingredients

vauxhall-grown chamomile, sweet virgin almond oil (usa)

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