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calendula infused sweet virgin almond oil

vauxhall-grown calendula and only 100' to finished product is what
radiates through our single-note infused oil
every resin, tannin and phytonutrient that calendula possesses is perfectly captured
here in a light, good-for-the-entire-body skin-therapy experience

about this product

size: 118 ml | 237 ml
100% vauxhall-grown ingredients

100% vauxhall-grown botanicals are harvested, dried and then infused in sweet virgin almond oil - you will be delighted with the lightness, emollience and how quickly it is absorbed into the skin. calendula is a renowned cell-regenerator and works to heal and protect the skin. add to your bath for head-to-toe rejuvenated skin, or, right out of the shower as an all-over natural body moisturizer. this is also the best massage medium for issues like stretch marks and scar tissue so be sure to be work calendula's magic healing deep into the skin.

calendula infused sweet virgin almond oil ingredients

vauxhall-grown calendula, sweet virgin almond oil (usa)

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