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calendula hydrosol

Our Calendula Hydrosol has incredible vibrancy and authenticity. We are able to produce this premium product because our Vauxhall Gardens Niagara Region botanicals are vapour distilled less than 100' from where they were grown!

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size: 59 ml
100% vauxhall-grown ingredients

Hydrosols are distillates which provide the skin with 100% chemistry of the plant growing in the field. Many use these precious waters as a toner on freshly washed skin while just as many others use it throughout the day to uplift and refresh. We harvest our fresh botanicals and vapour distill them less than 100' away from where the plants were grown giving our finished product a vibrancy and authenticity that few can match.

calendula hydrosol ingredients

vauxhall-grown, vauxhall-landrace calendula

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