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bloke vegan lip balm

beautiful plant-based ingredients provide a wealth of soothing properties
and will make dry, cracked lips a thing of the past
shield your lips from everyday environmental damage
in a luxurious yet sustainable way

about this product

61 % vauxhall-grown ingredients

plant-based waxes provide long-lasting protection for the lips so vegans can enjoy hydrated and moisturized lips without compromise. vauxhall-grown calendula will heal anything you can throw at it while rich butters and oils allow for perfect application every time without any graininess or stickiness.  

bloke vegan lip balm ingredients

vauxhall-grown calendula infused in sweet virgin almond oil, candillia wax, illipe butter, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, natural cinnamon, ginger, mint flavour, natural sweetener.

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this item is currently unavailable. please contact us for more information.

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