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shaving cream

a rich cream, with the skin soothing benefits of our niagara-grown calendula,
formulated to help you achieve a close smooth shave without the irritation

about this product

size: 237 ml
61% vauxhall-grown ingredients

calendula will smooth, soften and heal the epidermis like no other botanical. this rich shaving cream, with the skin-soothing benefits of our niagara-grown calendula, will lightly hydrate and balance the skin while providing the user with the ultimate close shave without the irritation. shaving is a fact of life - make it remarkable.

shaving cream ingredients

vauxhall-grown calendula hydrosol, aloe juice, vauxhall-grown calendula infused glycerite, dl panthenol, aloe vera 200x, btms, meadowfoam oil, alkyl esters, avocado oil, silk protein, optiphen, rosemary essential oil, peppermint essential oil

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