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bloke beard oil

our vauxhall-grown nettle is captured in this light oil blend that will soften
the beard and provide essential micronutrients for a heathy lustre
... all with just a few drops every day

about this product

size: 50 mg
63 % vauxhall-grown ingredients

facial hair is unique in its requirements and nettle is just the thing to tame yet glorify it. even the most unruly hair responds to and is improved by nettle's ability to deliver the micronutrients that promote health and vitality to the hair follicle. pair that plant chemistry with some light, hydrating plant-based oils and a light essential oil blend and suddenly, with just those few drops a day, your beard has gone from meh to magnificent.

bloke beard oil ingredients

vauxhall-grown nettle infused in extra virgin olive oil, camillia seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, essential oils

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