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    At Vauxhall Gardens, we grow our ingredients and create our luxurious, all-natural skincare products right here at our farm on the Grimsby Escarpment.

  • Niagara-Grown Botanicals

    Our botanicals are chosen for their highly active properties, and their essences are extracted via a meticulous process to retain their integrity.

  • Our Philosophy

    At Vauxhall Gardens, time-honoured traditions meet modern techniques to create ingredients of the highest quality, and truly exquisite skin and hair care. 

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Our right-from-the-garden skin care products for face and décolletage will nourish and revive your skin for a bright, healthy, glowing complexion.

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Give your body the love and attention it deserves with our line of products that are brimming with phytonutrients.

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Skin Care Botanicals, Locally Grown in Grimsby, Ontario


Achieve the healthy, lush locks of your dreams with our exclusive line of Vauxhall-infused hair care products ...                                                                      everything made with botanicals grown on our Niagara farm.

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Welcome To Vauxhall Gardens

We produce an exceptional range of skin and hair care products...
with botanicals grown on our own farm in Grimsby, Ontario

It is our mission to create exquisite products with only the best ingredients and with the smallest footprint...
our highly effective skin and hair care products allows you to create a beauty regimen that you can feel good about, inside and out.

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Check out the top four hand-crafted, all-natural skincare and wellbeing products that our customers are loving this month.

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Vauxhall Gardens News & Events

Read our blog for news and updates about Vauxhall Gardens, and information about local farmers markets that we attend.

indoor winter markets 2019/2020

the sheer delight and gratitude triggered by our fiercely loyal little clan who show up like a happy swarm at markets each and every week

summer 2019

the biggest! the freshest! the best! see you at a toronto farmers market soon!

vauxhall, the archetype

london, new york, grimsby ... a lot of great stories start in the garden and i think that the best stories keep the garden central to the entire tale.  quite frankly, who wants to stray from the delights which can be found in the garden?

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