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    we grow our ingredients in order to produce the most exquisitely
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    our botanicals have highly active properties which are
    extracted via a meticulous yet gentle process to retain their integrity

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    at vauxhall gardens, time-honoured traditions meet modern techniques to create
    ingredients of the highest quality for truly exquisite skin, hair and wellness products

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welcome to vauxhall gardens

our exceptional range of skin and hair care products are crafted from botanicals grown on our farm in grimsby, ontario

our pursuit of creating exquisite products using only the finest plant-based ingredients has always been tempered by the mindfulness of preserving and enhancing our ecosystem.  enchanting yet highly effective skin, hair and wellness products allow you to create a self-care regimen that you can feel good about, inside and out.

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a fresh take on all things vauxhall
plants ~ people ~ products ~ sharing knowledge


farmstand is the new curbside

grimsby happens to be the gateway to horticultural paradise:   the talent and traditions of its residents combined with the innate beauty of the physical geography provide endless ways to find amusing diversion.  sound enticing?  well, it all begins when you pocket the shipping fee and pick-up your order right at  our farm. 

farmstand life

i'll cut to the chase right up front:  farmstands provide the most transparent farm-to-consumer experience available.  if you get excited about the freshness and bounty that explodes through a farmers market then what you get from a farmstand will blow your mind!  

the comfort of comfrey

left to rest for a few months in the cool, dark extracts cellar, the highly desirable phytonutrients seep into the solvents and the result is heavily infused extracts ... they are a dark, mystical hue and there is no mistaking the fact that the solvents have changed dramatically and are now heavily impregnated with wonders of the comfrey root.  

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we hope our feed brightens your day!  our grid features farm goings-on while our      insta-stories burst with behind-the-scenes glory 

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