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    at vauxhall gardens, time-honoured traditions meet modern techniques to create
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rose festival bundle

rose festival bundle of decadence

for three glorious weeks in june our damask roses dominate the garden

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summer 2022

farm to face

our straight-from-the-garden ingredients will nourish and revive your skin for a naturally healthy glow

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Our right-from-the-garden skin care products for face and décolletage will nourish and revive your skin for a bright, healthy, glowing complexion.

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welcome to vauxhall gardens

our exceptional range of skin and hair care products are crafted from botanicals grown on our farm in grimsby, ontario

our pursuit of creating outstanding products using only the finest plant-based ingredients has always been tempered by the mindfulness of preserving and enhancing our ecosystem.  enchanting yet highly effective skin, hair and wellness products allow you to create a self-care regimen that you can feel good about, inside and out.

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a curated group of our top-selling all-natural skincare and wellbeing products

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the farm-to-face chronicles

a fresh take on all things vauxhall
plants ~ people ~ products ~ sharing knowledge


bathing, botany and blackballing

there are many plants native to north america that have been used for centuries to heal. if you have ever wondered why these medical treasures are not more mainstream then you might just be interested in the story of charles whitlaw, botanist. 

doing better

most of us know first-hand just how therapeutic it is to have amazing, healing plant extracts on our bodies as we strive to create balanced and healthy self-care habits. but, when the going gets tough and special needs have to be addressed, a long soak in a botanically infused bath is a complete game-changer. how will you change your game?

damask daydreams

growing, harvesting and processing damask roses on the niagara escarpment provides a wonderful opportunity to daydream (and nightdream, if truth be known) about the legendary history of healing that this plant provides us mere mortals

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