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doing better

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doing better

cbd body soak 

our cbd body soak has always been a popular item but there's always room for improvement, right? we left no stone unturned in our desire to provide the best-in-class product for keeping your body in tip-top shape

we kept the politics out of it  look, marijuana is a relatively easy plant to grow and process compared to everything else we produce. to be honest, growing treaty/landrace cbd genetics requires minimal investment during all phases of production and post-harvest handling is like a walk in the park compared to our other botanical divas. our growing field is reserved for the tippy-top, cream-of-the-crop plants that, when used in a topical formulation, provide superior results.  from our perspective, marginal cbd topicals have flooded the marketplace and their inflated price reflects the layer upon layer of bs that has hobbled original intent and ultimately falls short in the medicine delivered. the reality is, the marijuana boom is about bottomline/compliance rather than a celebration of the original simple objective of this noble plant. so when you look at other topical cbd products, their expensive price tag reflects the inflated costs of a mammoth infrastructure that has long-forgotten the simple and effective relief so many feel when this natural botanical is applied directly onto the body's largest organ. but you already know that and that's why you're here!

see that beautiful bag? it is 100% recyclable rice paper!!  packaging is a necessary evil in the personal care products biz so i was ecstatic to find this gorgeous packaging that upholds the integrity of the contents just beautifully with its handsome durability. as soon as you touch the packaging you understand immediately that you are touching something quite special - it's quite thick yet has satisfying flexibility so every time you go to use your body soak it'll be just like the first time. not only that, sorry! just one more thing, these rice paper bags come in three other colours so stay tuned for an additional 3 body soaks headed your way

it's a numbers game  i really played around with the formulation of the body soak in order to maximize the full-spectrum cbd content. each 900g bag (yes, that's right, we've increased the content weight by a whole 300g) contains 25g of 'the good stuff' which will have a greater impact on reducing your chronic pain/inflammation. there are many treatments contained within each bag and it's up to you how much or how little you need when it's time for a soak. just know, that with each soak you take, you will experience both quantity (900g) and quality (25g). team vauxhall for the win!!

wait, you couldn't do better than $30?  from a plant growing in the field to a product prepped and ready to ship to some happy customer is less than 100'. our pricing combined with the incredible level of active plant chemistry in each product makes us and our products quite unique. to be honest, we've burrowed quite contentedly into this niche! what we can't control is the cost of shipping. we ship all products via canada post and boy, have their prices ever jumped! in addition to their latest price increase, canada post is also now adding a fuel surcharge to every shipment which is usually another third of the total price again. just like that, overnight, a massive increase to shipping costs which we have yet to fully address. so, to conclude, although our pricing must now compensate for the size and weight of this product when it is mailed, you will be happy to learn that the product cost will be reduced when our farmstore opens and you can shop in person (taking canada post right out of the equation). that's fair, don't you think?

spoiler alert

i just cannot wait to share with you the three other body soaks headed your way. most of us know first-hand just how therapeutic it is to have amazing, healing plant extracts on our bodies as we strive to create balanced and healthy self-care habits. but, when the going gets tough and special needs have to be addressed, a long soak in a botanically infused bath is a complete game-changer. how will you change your game?

comfrey  oh, to add a dash of comfrey bath soak to a deep, warm bath and ease an aching, tired farm-body into the depths of its profound healing ... if i were feeling really achy and sore i might even add a capful of comfrey infused oil as well!

calendula  healing the skin, i mean deep-down cell-regenerating repair, calls for frequent soaks in calendula. equally, a sunburn or contact dermatitis from something in the garden say, is also calendula's domain of expertise. feeling and looking great in your own skin is what calendula is all about

damask rose  nothing replenishes a depleted, tired body more than a cuddle in damask rose's loving arms. soaking in damask rose makes you feel ravishing no matter how haggard you felt as you began! and when you finally exit your soak? both the spring in your step and the twinkle in your eye will be whole-heartedly restored

each 900g bag of bath soak will give you many joyful soaks. when you're ready to reconnect with your better self, we hope it is our bath soak that you reach for

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