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farmstand is the new curbside

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farmstand is the new curbside

how does wednesday at 6:30 suit?

rolling right along here in 2020 we've discovered something interesting.  people, when presented with shipping charges during check out of our online store, are having an increasingly common reaction  ... "what would it take to drive/bike/go-uber to grimsby?"  before you know it, an adventure to the jewel commonly known as niagara begins to form.   grimsby happens to be the gateway to horticultural paradise:   the talent and traditions of its residents combined with the innate beauty of the physical geography provide endless ways to find amusing diversion.  sound enticing?  well, it all begins when you pocket the shipping fee and pick-up your order right at  our farm. 

order online

browse the website at your leisure.  when it is time to check out, in the 'estimated shipping' area at the bottom of your shopping cart, change the desired shipping method to "customer pick-up: vauxhall gardens" and click on APPLY.  as you work your way through the payment process you will see that there is no charge for shipping when you choose this option.

arrange pick-up

when your online order is completed and confirmed, it triggers an email which has a link to our brand spanking new bio-security form.  completing this bio-security form, which will include your intended pick-up date and time, will be confirmed by a return email from vauxhall gardens no later that 48 hours after receipt of the completed form.  i will be delving deeper into the world of 'bio-security' in a future blog post but thank you for understanding that this is the new gold standard for reducing on-farm risk in canada.  we are very fortunate to have completed the federal bio-security course-work and completed extensive groundwork prior to march 2020 - honestly a little dazed that we are forerunners in this vast and complex field.  interested in bio-security? Learn More     

pick-up hours of operation/site/biosecurity-checkin

pick-up access is seven (7) days a week between the hours of 7am and 8pm

pick-up location information

the farmstand has now transitioned into our late fall/winter/early spring pick-up point for those who have chosen the 'curbside' option when shopping online.  our farm is located at 598 ridge road west, grimsby on the north side of the road.  there is a nice wide shoulder at the farmstand gate so please pull in and turn off your engine/radio.  there is a chain around the gate where the farmstand sits but there is no lock so please unhook and enter.  your order can be found on the bench at the back of the farmstand - this is a nice protected spot and your order will be inside a cozy tote.  remove your order from tote and snap the lid down again and rechain the gate.  thank you for visiting and honouring our delicate eco-system.  we hope curbside shopping functionality provides a brief yet enjoyable experience.   


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