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indoor winter markets 2019/2020

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the 2019 growing season held its usual amount of surprises and set-backs, yet, as we write this in early fall 2019, we are thrilled to note that it was very, very productive.  we took growing and post-harvest handling to a whole new level this past summer as we introduced fresh cut flower bouquets.  gorgeous, heaving beauty in each and every one ... so much so we basked in the many admiring glances/comments/photo-ops garnered and sold out every week - amazing!!!  Not to worry!  There is still much fresh-cut decor to come!!  shhh, it's kind of a surprise but, yes, fresh cut beauty will grace our market stall right to the end of 2019. and ... that's not the only secret ... our processing capabilities combined with custom-designed manufacturing equipment means we can mass-produce the hottest personal care item on the market right now ... with, of course, our trademark Vauxhall spin on it.

the support to our late start to markets this summer was truly phenomenal.  the sheer delight and gratitude triggered by our fiercely loyal little clan who showed up like a happy swarm at markets; the astonishment and appreciation to our wonderously diverse mail order recipients whose support not only blew our minds but website sales snowballed when our revamped site when live (thank you!!); and, personally, the ability to pour more energy and resources into what we do best:  the growing of delightful botanicals for our customers enjoyment.

we look forward to seeing you at market this fall/winter season!


Sick Kids, 555 University Avenue | Tuesdays, 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  

There are not enough good things to be said about the vibrant, diverse and completely authentic farmers market at Sick Kids:  right in the heart of the City, you can count on the best of everything that Ontario produces.  Whether you are looking for a great selection of farm-fresh goods, replenishing your life essentials, or just out to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, there is not a better place to be on a Tuesday. Make it a habit and catch the infectious spirit that this little market imparts every week.

The 2019/2020 indoor market dates at Sick Kids are:

November 5th and 19th     December 3rd and 17th     January 14th and 28th     February 11th and 25th         March 10th and 24th          April 7th and 21st     May 5th and 19th

Please note:  the indoor farmers market at Sick Kids is held in the Atrium which is accessed through the main entrance off of Elizabeth Street.  There are chalkboards giving directions inside this entrance for those who have never attended.  

Brick Works, 550 Bayview Avenue | Saturdays, 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

The Don Valley, early Saturday mornings, will rev up your spirit like no other place on earth.  Every sniff, bite, glance, touch and sound will resonate deep down inside and spark patriotic pride for the sheer amazingness of this fair Province and the ability to immerse yourself in it.  Agriculture is what fuels our communities and it is a great joy to share our crops, in person, in such a special location as this.  For more information on parking, free shuttle service or maps with which to plan your adventure, please go to their website evergreen.ca

The 2019/2020 indoor market at Brick Works begins:  November 9th

Please note:  our last market date outside at Brick Works will be October 12th.  There will be no market dates at Brick Works until we move indoors November 9th.  Please look for us in our regular spot in the BMO Atrium. 

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Please note:  the website will not accept orders during this period:  October 13th - October 27

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