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Vauxhall Grown: Lavender

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Vauxhall Grown: Lavender

Cherished for its sweet fragrance, Lavender has become of the most popular medicinal herbs since ancient times.

What is Lavender?

A small, aromatic evergreen shrub Lavender is a member of the mint family. It features narrow leaves and pretty bluish-purple flowers.

Lavender has been widely used in perfumes and medicines since ancient times. It is native to the Old World, and grows abundantly in a wide variety of geographies, from Cape Verde, the Canary Islands, and Europe, across to northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia, China and southeast India.

Lavender & Skincare

Extremely gentle on the skin while providing tremendous healing properties and high antiseptic qualities, Lavender is the age-old secret for keep skin clear and fresh looking. At Vauxhall Gardens, we cultivate Super Lavender exclusively (Lavandula x intermedia c.v. Phenomenal) to ensure a high quality oil and a uniform, highly scented flower.

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