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the comfort of comfrey

left to rest for a few months in the cool, dark extracts cellar, the highly desirable phytonutrients seep into the solvents and the result is heavily infused extracts ... they are a dark, mystical hue and there is no mistaking the fact that the solvents have changed dramatically and are now heavily impregnated with wonders of the comfrey root.  

the chamomile diaries

and then the magic starts to happen ... have you ever seen a chamomile crop dancing in the wind?  well, it is a sight to behold!  the graceful habit of the plant itself and the lovely colour play of the green, lacy foliage against the cheerful white and yellow flowers blooming extravagantly is chamomile's reward.

wow 2019, thank you!!!

many of the people i meet is due to the fact that they have given up on mainstream personal care products and they like the idea of knowing that what they use on their bodies every day is from a trusted source.  on one hand it seems crazy that a plant-nerd like myself who finds herself floating around this farm in a state that seems so disconnected from the mainstream, that i have become the 'trusted source' for so many.

indoor winter markets 2020

the sheer delight and gratitude triggered by our fiercely loyal little clan who show up like a happy swarm at markets each and every week

grow where you are planted

our farm sits on a ridge that, on one side, drops down to lake ontario and on the other, slowly drops in grade all the way to wyoming.

vauxhall, the archetype

london, new york, grimsby ... a lot of great stories start in the garden and i think that the best stories keep the garden central to the entire tale.  quite frankly, who wants to stray from the delights which can be found in the garden?

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